Simpleshare - An easier way to share files over the Internet

Simpleshare – An easier way to share files over the Internet

Surely when sharing a file goes internetMany of you choose to send them in some email, while many others will find the use of storage services somewhat more practical. But well, after meeting Simple share, it is very likely that several will decide to change their methods. Simpleshare is a tool, integrated with, which will allow us to take any file from our computer and upload it to the Internet by simply dragging its icon to the application’s graphical interface. Once that was done, the system will start the file upload process and automatically provide us with the download link to share it with whoever we want (as all data hosting services do). With a free Simpleshare account, the user will have access to host up to 5GB of information, and may also have the desktop application that we mentioned before. We must also highlight a very peculiar function of this system, which is that through a simple combination of keys, it allows the user to automatically take and send a screenshot to the Internet, something that can also be done with screencasts ( video recordings of the screen). Link: Simpleshare