SimplyEvents - social calendar to publish and share our events

SimplyEvents – social calendar to publish and share our events

Whether on a personal level, on a professional level, as a fan club, as a speaker or as another type of figure, SimplyEvents is a service of social calendar what allows us to register and disseminate our own events to other people, from our own followers in the same application to other social platforms. As we see in the image, when adding a new event, we must describe it in up to 255 characters, assign a stamp to define the type, establish the date and place of celebration, and then, we can add images, links and even coupons, being able to disseminate it publicly using the rest of the supported social platforms or privately, directed to our followers and other specific contacts. Among your options we find that our account, with its own URL, can be public or private access, although by default they are private access, in addition to having our contact address book, which we can manage even by creating groups, adding locations, etc. The application is available in English and Spanish, and for now there are few people from Spain registered, and no events. If I have to define it with other words, You could say that it is a system equivalent to microblogging networks but that instead of status messages, events are published, whether they are public or private.