singulari - A Spanish "Groupon" geared towards travel and getaways

singulari – A Spanish “Groupon” geared towards travel and getaways

Arvin Abarca presents me with a new project that can give us a lot of joy starting today. Is about singulari.comA must-have for bargain seekers on short trips and getaways with the extremely popular Groupon model.

You buy a travel voucher and use it within the validity period. We believe that it is a much more suitable model for getaways, our main focus, and non-stop trips by car or at most by plane.

It is presented as a private sale club focused exclusively on offers of getaways and trips with discounts on fares of up to 80%, with the simplicity and convenience of the travel voucher model that allows us to buy today and later book directly with the hotel or rural house the day we want to enjoy it To become a Singulari member, you must be invited by an acquaintance or friend who is already a member or join a waiting list that will be open on the main page of the web during the first weeks of launch. Each option shown includes a map and Some activities that can be carried out, as you can see in the image below.

An excellent idea for those of us who are looking for different experiences with the backpack in tow.