, manage the execution of your projects, manage the execution of your projects

Despite the fact that there are already many online tools for project management, the truth is that new options continue to appear to choose from, as is the case of Ski track, a new service that allows us to easily collaborative management of our projects, understanding as a project the execution of a series of tasks, and this is how it is seen in the interface.

In the same registration process, we will add other users with their corresponding email addresses, indicating according to which cases which of them are administrators. Having our team already introduced, we must create projects, in each of which we must establish their completion dates and each of the tasks to be executed, with their time estimates and assignments to the different team members.

An interesting thing is that allows us to visually plan the execution flows of the tasks through the clues we can add. Also as we are performing any task, we can make comments, and even attach files within the timeline of it.

And do not tell me that the background is not pretty, since it will accompany us in the use of this application. The best thing is that it is free and that it costs us nothing to try it.

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