Skyscanner is testing airline ticket reservations

On the occasion of the summer holidays, those users who are planning them, one of the tools that they will have been using the most lately will have been those that allow them to compare prices for a series of elements, from transport to accommodation.

In this sense, Skyscanner is conducting tests on the possibility of making airline ticket reservations through a series of partners through its website and its mobile application, according to what Tnooz says today.

These tests have started in secret from the past year through a series of countries, according to the information of some people belonging to the company. Best of all, with this movement, the experience received by users is improved, which makes it easier for users to complete transactions by obtaining a simplified experience. The platform estimates that the partners who are participating in the tests are seeing transactions carried out through mobile devices increase by up to 20%.

At the moment, Skyscanner does not confirm if it later integrates the reservation of hotels and other products in the tests it is carrying out. The possibility of making reservations directly from the metasearch engines is not something new, since they have previously been adopted by other platforms, being mainly focused on the hotel market.

Without a doubt, the market for hotel metasearch engines and other products is also seeing great progress as a consequence of the existing competition in the sector, although perhaps not as aggressive as in other sectors.