Slack adds reaction emojis to his service

Slack, the well-known cross-platform messaging service for workgroups, has just launched reaction emojis at its service, responding to the demands of users for a way in which they can make acknowledgments, approve messages or similar The same way that messages are marked as favorites or I like them.

The Slack team has pointed out on their blog that they have been discussing how to meet this demand by using the symbols they will use for it, be it a heart, a star, a thumbs up, and even a brand name. check, until they finally realized that all of these symbols and many more were already within the default set of emojis.

Months of testing later, today reaction emojis are launched, available for both messages and files, which in addition to meeting the needs of users, can be used for other possibilities, such as voting, joining something, welcome new members, and much more.

In addition to reaction emojis, a new emoji picker has been added so that searching for emojis does not consume more time than necessary, and in addition, the mentions tab has been updated to also take into account the reactions users make to through the emojis.