Slack now allows Google Calendar integration

We have already spoken on more than one occasion about Slack, an important cross-platform messaging service focused on work groups, groups that from now on will benefit from the novelty that the platform itself has announced today, the integration of Google Calendar, even allowing to use multiple accounts.

According to the announcement made by the platform, the new integration allows the use of any calendar, or even multiple Google accounts, to publish to any channel and even to yourself privately through @slackbot. Once the integration of the calendar has been carried out, and its subsequent configuration, the messages of the calendars will appear within the channels specified at the indicated times, where users can expand the information offered from them or go directly to the page. the Google Calendar event to access optional items.

The new integration will allow team members to be aware of aspects such as receiving reminders to events, appointments or other pending moments, to know the details of the same or the modifications that have been made, and even receive daily summaries and weekly. From Slack points out that the integration of Google Calendar accounts in Slack is quick and easy to do, indicating the necessary steps in your own announcement.

In this way, it will be even easier for individual team members and themselves to carry out their projects and initiatives without losing details of things that are apparently insignificant but that in practice may involve the investment of extra time. , affecting delays and other inconveniences.