Slide Photo Sharing

Slide, an app for iOS with which to share photos with nearby users

Despite the fact that today it is common to share images of the events we attend through social networks such as Facebook, it is likely that on some occasions you want to share a photo without having to provide the information on your social networks. Today we are talking about an app for iOS aimed at this type of user.

This is Slide Photo Sharing, a new application for share images with the users around you thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity of your device. In general, the operation of Slide is very simple: as its name indicates, you just have to take a photo and slide it up to share it. Then a menu will appear in which we will see the users who are close to us, as long as they have the application installed on their smartphones. In this way, we will be able to send images in a matter of seconds both to all users and only those that interest us. The app works using iBeacon technology, so we can share images with users who are up to a distance of 61 meters. Without a doubt, the most striking thing about Slide is that no need to add a user as a friend, set up shared albums or request email addresses, you just have to have the app installed. In addition, the application has a series of interesting features, such as the possibility of setting a timer to self-destruct a photograph and comment, like or download an image.

You can download Slide Photo Sharing for free from the App Store.