Slow internet at home? Check that you receive the contracted megabytes

Slow internet at home? Check that you receive the contracted megabytes

Slow internet at home? Check that you receive the contracted megabytes

Internet it is, to this day, a fundamental tool for practically anyone. Some use it for entertainment, others for information and many others to work or improve their training.

Taking into account all its advantages, it is rare to find a home where they do not have an Internet connection. After that explosion, a multitude of companies have emerged that are struggling to get a piece of the cake offering Internet services at very competitive prices.

However, there are cases in which the operators, either inadvertently or intentionally, offer a lower speed than promised to your customers. We show you how to check that you are not being scammed with the megabytes contracted for the Internet in your home.

Are you kidding me?

Let’s imagine that you decide to hire the services of a company that offers you a connection of 600 megabytes. So far so good, but, Have you stopped to check if your Internet really reaches that speed? or are they catching you for a hare?

Almost nobody usually does it, but it is a big mistake, since you could be paying more when they are actually giving you less. Fortunately, there are websites that allow us measure that speed simply and without paying anything.

One of those pages is Speedtest, which you can access by clicking here. Just click on the “Start” button and in just a few seconds it will show us the speed of loading and downloading from our Internet. We will have to compare these figures with those that we have supposedly hired.

Speed ​​test in Speedtest.

It should be noted that many operators talk about their megabytes using fiber optics. That is, it will be the speed that we achieve when plugging an Ethernet cable into our computer. If we do the test over WiFi the results will always be worse.

The Netflix test

The Speedtest test is more than enough to know the speed we have, however, on the Internet there are many similar tools. Another one is Fast, although it is curious because it is nothing more and nothing less than Netflix who is behind her.

Although it may seem like a speed test like the rest, this is based on the technology that Netflix uses in their networks. When we run this test we are actually downloading content from the platform, which is ideal if we usually have the problem at home when we want to watch movies and series on the platform.

Netflix speed test.

In a way, it’s like we’re watching our favorite series. For that reason the results may be different to those of other speed tests. If we click on the button “Show more information” we can also access data such as latency.

As a curiosity, it is not the first time that Netflix has created such a tool. It also has a website that calculates the ISP Speed ​​Index for Netflix, in other words, it is capable of measure Netflix performance during the hours of greatest audience depending on the operator that we have contracted.

Netlix performance table in Spain according to operators.

Simply enter our postal code or choose our country on the map that we have a little below to see what are the best operators to watch Netflix in Spain.

We hope that with the tests that we have mentioned you have been able to solve your doubts. It would not be the first time that an operator is offering less to its clients than they contract, of course. If so, a call to the operator’s technical service in question to make us the change.