Mochilas inteligentes para ayudar a personas con problemas de visin

Smart backpacks to help people with vision problems

In addition to Covid-19, modern medicine has other challenges in which it has been working for years to find a solution, one of them has been those related to vision.

In this sense, a team of researchers from the University of Georgia took the initiative to develop a backpack providing it with a system that would serve to provide help to people with vision problems so that they can understand and navigate their environment.

In terms of design, the backpack is equipped with a special Luxonis OAK-D 4K camera, which has an artificial intelligence processor built into the chip that supports its operation on Intel’s Movidius image processing technology.

In this sense, the integrated camera is located inside a vest or rionera and acts capturing the depth information and the images in color.

On the other hand, the system makes use of an Intel OpenVINO toolkit to decipher the environment, with autonomy to work up to 8 hours, thanks to a pocket battery that can be carried in the rionera, also having a computer device with a GPS unit.

With regard to operation, the researchers point out that this system has been designed in such a way that it can detect obstacles, including those that may be found above the head, and warn the user of their presence through audible indications.

Also, the system has been equipped with the ability to interpret traffic signs, as well as changes in altitude on the surfaces where the user travels.

It should be noted that this system can be controlled by the user with the help of his voice thanks to a bluetooth headset. In this way, the person can request the system to describe the environment or to store GPS coordinates, assigning them a specific name.

Regarding size, the researchers note that the system does not attract attention when used in public.