Soccer games for iphone / ipad and Android

Soccer games for iphone / ipad and Android

Yes we all agree that iPad and iPhone They are ideal devices for working and communicating, as well as (in the case of the tablet) they can be useful when studying, we must also recognize that from one moment to the next, they can become powerful consoles to have fun with the best games on the market . On this occasion, we present some of the football games highlights that can be found for iPhone and iPad, as well as two extras for Android users. For iPhone / iPad

X2 Football 2010

This installment was created especially for iPhone, which is why it adapts perfectly to the screen of the aforementioned device, offering simple controls that will allow the user to play some football matches from their cell phone, with good graphics and a fairly regular battery consumption. With X2 Football 2010, you can use the WiFi or Bluetooth connection to compete with your friends, being able to play matches from each other’s phone.

Real Football 2011

It is an extremely complete title in which you can not only play games and championships, but you can also enter the training mode, or play as manager of a club, having to take care of all the administrative part of your team in order to achieve the desired results in each season. The strength of Real Football 2011 is in the gameplay and the options, so you will quickly notice that the graphics section is not the best.

Chop Chop Soccer

In the case of Chop Chop Soccer, players can enjoy a totally different option, in which the realism or the players of the teams do not influence so much, but the graphic animation that was included in the game. The matches are played by girls’ teams of little girls who must follow the same objectives as in any soccer game. The classic teams or players are not there, but you can still play in practice mode, friendly and even set up a tournament. Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer in Chop Chop Soccer.

Real Madrid Fantasy Manager

This is the game that any Real Madrid fan he will want to play, since it will be his opportunity to manage administratively the club of his loves. In this way, it is the player who determines what decisions are made, what transfers are made and even how the team is assembled before each game. It is an official application of the Real Madrid club, so you will notice that the options are very realistic and that you will be able to take power from practically all sectors of the sports club. Fun and exciting, although somewhat slow progress.


Based on the Brazilian championship, we will have to throw the ball, with or without spin, dodging defenses and goalkeepers until they make the desired goal. For android

PES 2011

It’s about a classic football game and known to all through its version for Play Station and computer. In its version for Android, PES offers a very outstanding gameplay although with fewer options than those previously mentioned. In the same way, it should be known that the graphic engine used stands out a lot, which is why in general it offers good gaming experiences, leaving everyone who tries it satisfied.


As we all know, it is the traditional competitor of PES, so you can find a somewhat different game but also very good. The graphics appear to be more realistic and it has an important advantage over PES, which is to allow you to play games in multiplayer mode, connecting two devices through a WiFi network.