Social media and layoffs, reputation management a lesson to be learned

Social media and layoffs, reputation management a lesson to be learned

If something positive has come to the air with the emergence of social networks and the incorporation of these into our habits and customs, it is transparency.The implementation of the new Google algorithm has not been accidental and it cannot be analyzed from an exclusively technological or technological perspective. circumscribed to the field of online business. The commitment to quality and the commitment that define the parameters on which the robot will be guided, is nothing more than the verification that we are moving towards a more human cycle, where the intrinsic values ‚Äč‚Äčof people are the watchword to achieve a new beginning and a new social order.

Extending its tentacles to all uses and habits, social networks ignite the debate on labor matters.

While there are numerous sources that report on a trend of openness by brands to social networks based on criteria of increased productivity and identification of new leaders, the awareness of how vulnerable an online reputation can be in a moment of historical freedom, it begins to be the object of dialogue.While it is true that comments made on social networks could eventually go unnoticed as they are no more than mere verifications of reality, endowed with the subjectivity of human beings, the truth is that it is the conjunction action reaction, it is what can end any CEO’s reputation.

The additional problem that online reputations have in this cycle of openness and freedom is the concentration of attention on a vibration that, not only never seems to disappear, but also focuses all eyes and provokes only by the fact of having produced a footprint that does not usually go unnoticed.

In the past, a worker of a bank in Italy, expressed in her social network the difference in land between her and her boss, his reaction was immediate and the worker was dismissed, this simple normal and repetitive fact , has resulted in a news item of an international nature collected by all the newspapers in Europe and the reason is simply, the impact that social media has on the business world.One of the first aspects that draws attention is the viral nature of the networks social networks, among billions of opinions, phrases and content, which are promoted daily on social networks, the opinion of a worker reached the social fabric of the company unleashing fears about privacy.

How is it possible for companies to exercise such tight control over the social actions of their employees?

Additionally, companies must begin to become aware of the tangible reality at the present time, beyond the obvious and totally constant salary difference in all industries and markets, it is the reaction of this that generates irreparable damage to the associated reputation . If, without a doubt, the sudden dismissal of the worker is what supposes an erosion in the reputation and what forces to give all kinds of explanations, transforming any situation circumscribed within the sphere of the company into a circus of a mediatic nature that attracts, by the nature of the human being, the attention of all the lights, other employees and what is worse, other companies with which alliances and synergies could eventually be established.

A reputation destroyed with or without reason – is an item that is difficult to recover, it takes many actions and a very long period of time to recover the reputation, actions and term that, obviously, will be detrimental to the company’s trajectory.

At the present time, it is prudence that must prevail since finally, a damaged reputation is not unilateral, whatever the final result of the dispute, both the business reputation of the brand, as well as that associated with the worker, will confirm the pothole. with a scar for life.We are facing a change and although it is inherent in human nature to be immersed in disputes and contentions, it is also a reality that all stakes, defenses and free objectives, based on quality and social nature of this new social order, their objective is to form committed communities in which the wise popular sayings are maintained and rescued, dirty clothes always at home and achievements, successes and congratulations in public.Finally, it is essential that we become aware that, in the same way that the opening of the use of social media in companies is a great bet that can lead to a greater social network in which each of the employees exercises their actions Its contribution to the consolidation of branding, the increase in productivity and the implementation of actions tending to retain people with the brands, is also a reality that the way to resolve disputes and disputes is definitely not by making public the internal miseries Other paths and other channels are enabled for this, and it is essential not to forget that a damaged reputation always faces another intervening actor whose reputation will not remain intact. Beyond mentions, messages, followers , promotions, etc. the reputation in social networks is more powerful today, the less it is talked about. Discretion, commitment and a lot of common sense. The unfortunate spectacle lived in Italy will not be the last but, it serves as an example to be more and more social, semantic and committed people.