Social networks to read and comment on the documents leaked by Wikileaks

After the bomb that exploded yesterday, with the first of the 250,000 documents of the American State Department leaked in some publications around the world, social networks constantly comment on the content and the possible consequences of the same in the near future.

Although so far only a few of the thousands of existing documents have been released, there is already enough material to generate discussions and jeopardize many diplomatic relations between countries.

Here you have some social networks from where you can accompany and comment on the news related to this topic. Update the text as more specialized channels appear on the social web.


Looking for the tag #cablegate you can read what people think about the subject, although the information is so much that it is difficult to concentrate on all the texts sent. You can filter by language at


In the social network of el peridico The country, one of the five that have published the documents exclusively, we can find the reactions, in Spanish, on the already leaked documents.


On the official Wikileaks page on Facebook we can see news and opinions of the followers, with links from various media and new publications on


Filtering by recent news with more than 50 votes related to Wikileaks it is possible to see the links to the most popular news on the subject, with the option to comment on them and vote on them if they deserve it.


We can filter YouTube videos to see the news that appear on different channels around the world. The ideal is to order the results by keyword and date, obtaining a result that we can subscribe to via RSS, for example.