Socialcast, another option to create business microblogging networks

Socialcast, another option to create business microblogging networks

To services such as Yammer or Obayoo, the latter already fully paid without free options since last month, we also have on the list Socialcast, another option of business microblogging where employees of the same company interact.

Depending on the chosen pricing plan, having a free version to interact with an unlimited number of employees, Socialcast offers a space for communication and collaboration of the employees of the same company, where they can share whatever they want with the rest of the colleagues or a group of specific users, where they can also select one of the existing categories and also attach files and links .

Socialcast allows the creation of groups, which can be public or private, and also, create timelines that filter the general content by users or by keywords.

Keep in mind that to use Socialcast, employees must have email accounts under the company’s domain, since it does not accept email addresses from the different best-known free webmails, although the domain, from Yahoo , or from free webmails from other providers if you’ve sneaked in.

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