SocioClean - protecting our online reputation

SocioClean – protecting our online reputation

When we publish our statuses on social networks, our photographs, entries in our blogs or any other publicly accessible content, we may not be aware that such content may at any time harm us in our work, sentimental, family or any other field. of our life, and that is why we have to thank the existence of services such as SocioClean. And why? Well, very simple, SocioClean is dedicated to tracking our publications, pointing out those that may be considered detrimental to our online reputation, so that we have the last word when determining what to do with said publications, thus avoiding a negative impact on potential employers, partners, acquaintances, etc. At the moment it is only compatible with the Facebook social network, from where we will give it a series of permissions to scan our account and finally show us some graphs where, as in my case, it indicates that my risk is moderate, as you can see in the following capture. Later they will add new social networks. Without a doubt, we will have to be vigilant due to the impact that social networks currently have in our lives. Link: SocioClean | Goes