Soluto already allows remote administration of iPhone and iPad from PC

Those of us who have clients who need help from time to time when solving technical problems on their computers have the possibility to use Solute ( for remote access to machines.

Soluto is not new, it is a classic in the administration of PCs, although only now have they opened the doors to the iOS world giving the possibility of managing iPhones and iPads remotely, thus helping customers who use this type of device.

The only thing we have to do is add, from our control panel, the new device that we want to control. We will send a link to the client (via email or sms) to install a program on their phone (it will have to be opened with Safari, since with Chrome it has not worked in the tests carried out here) and thus allow remote access from Soluto.

Once we have access to the mobile or tablet, we can activate the security mode, search and install applications remotely, configure accounts and, shortly, configure email accounts, WiFi networks and much more.

A first step that can greatly help companies that offer remote technical support service. You can get more information about this new option at