SOMA Messenger, a new mobile messaging option

Self-proclaimed as the fastest messenger in the world, just a few days ago, SOMA Messenger, Instanza Inc.'s mobile messaging bet offering high-definition video calling capabilities, chat support for groups of up to 500 members, was launched. and reception of free international phone calls, user-to-user messaging, etc. To this we must add that the SOMA Messenger service will be offered completely free of charge and without advertising, and it is also available in several languages, including Spanish, so that users of Android and iOS mobile devices, mobile platforms in whichever is present, they can start using it immediately.

In the case of those users whose contacts are not yet part of the platform, they will have the ability to send them invitations to join it, and may even send them messages, including the link through which they can download the application. In addition, they will also have the ability to know when those messages intended for their contacts have been sent and read, among other aspects, which will facilitate their knowledge of the statistical use they make of the platform.

All content that circulates through SOMA Messenger is encrypted by using the combination of 2048bit RSA and 256bit AES encryption. According to Lei Guo's statement:

We are still in the early stages of experiencing what the messaging app market has to offer. Those who are successful will gain in quality, speed, and safety. SOMA Messenger fulfills all that and more.

In this way, users will already have, or rather, we will have, a new messaging option to consider for our daily use, although it is clear that out of habit, and because we already have our contacts available, we will continue to use WhatsApp, although a new option to take into account never hurts.

In the case of SOMA Messenger, some questions remain in the air, such as what your monetization system might be or if at some point to launch a web version, for example.