Some CEOs that we can find on Quora

When they ask me why I think Quora will be one of the great successes of 2011, I usually answer the same quickly: for the quality of its content and the professionalism of its users. Yahoo Answer We have to fight with the system to avoid finding absurd questions and ridiculous answers, on Quora we have an excellent community of users, among which are responsible for large companies around the world. It is true that at the moment it only accepts content in English, But you have to give these platforms time, I don’t think they take long to expand their linguistic borders, the fact is that I leave you with a list of CEOs of some interesting companies that can be found on Quora, a list that is being published in the question Who are the must follow CEOs on Quora?: – Max Levchin of Paypal and Slide.– Kevin Systrom of Instagram– Jonah Peretti of BuzzFeed and Huffington Post– Reed Hastings of Netflix– Steve Case of AOL– Evan Williams of Twitter– Dennis Crowley of FourSquare – Adam D’Angelo from Quora– Dustin Moskovitz from Facebook– Jeremy Stoppelman from Yelp– Jason McCabe Calacanis from more than 20 successful startups (Wikipedia) – David O Sacks from Geni and Yammer– Daniel Ek from Spotify– Digg’s Kevin Rose– Diaspora’s Daniel GrippiGreat entrepreneurs who speak and ask for input in a growing network of questions and answers.

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