Some collaboration tools you should know

Some collaboration tools you should know

In the different categories of Communication and Saving and sharing files, I have told you over more than four years an infinity of tools that we can use to work as a team on the Internet. I am going to list here some of those that I have never talked about or that I have not commented on for years and that have been on the Internet for a long time offering collaboration services of various types.

KeepandShare has been offering since 2004 the ability to share files, calendars and photos from the web. With over a million users and 1500 photos for the free option, it allows you to upload up to 120 photos in one go.

Wridea, which I spoke about for the last time in 2006, is an application that allows you to easily register and share ideas. With the possibility of creating pages and classifying ideas by categories, it is a good way to save what goes through our heads. Too bad they don’t have an app for mobile phones yet.

Stixy It gives us the possibility of adding documents of various formats and adding texts classified by dates in a kind of online blackboard in which all the information will be perfectly visible. It has been fighting since 2007, although it has not yet risen to fame.

ReviewBasics allows you to share documents, videos and images with people online, receiving online comments on the modifications that must be made. An excellent option to allow our clients to comment on our work from the web.


Although I have already talked about it on several occasions, I cannot help but finish this short list by recommending, one of the best options that I know of to make remote presentations, collaborate between several people in the same document or give classes from the web.