Some interesting extensions for Google Chrome

Given the enormous number of extensions in Google Chrome, we are going to make a small selection that can be useful to more than one. If you are programmers, you may also be interested in the list that has just been published on cssreflex.com, one of the most popular of the week.

TabSense: to see all the tabs that we have open in a single window. Once installed, the extension will add an icon to our address bar. With a single click on it, a new window will open with everything that we have open and with what we do not clarify.

Tweetbeat Firsthand: it is one of the most curious and, surely, useful extensions that I have come across in recent times. When we find ourselves reading an article, whether it be political, heart, computer science … and in that article the name of the affected person, graceful, inventor, etc. appears. Show us a T, that Twitter T so well known to everyone, the side of the name and just by hovering over it we can see what that character is doing on his Twitter account if he has it. We can then decide to follow him, not follow him but gossip his twitts …

Aviary Screen Capture: extension that will allow us to take a screenshot, in whole or in parts, and process it directly online. We can retouch, add text, arrows, various indications, change the size of the images, etc … a more than perfect and necessary extension for bloggers.

TweetMeme: the most recognized button to retweet news directly in our browser bar.

Amplify: there are people who like to comment, comment and leave their opinion on everything they share, not only share it, but say something about it; Well, this extension is ideal for these people since they can select parts of the web, blog that they are visiting and add their particular opinion before sharing it.

AutoPager: a very well-known and popular extension in Firefox that could not be missing, thanks to it we do not have to jump from page to page but only by scrolling down we will see everything we have to do.

Web Developer: tools for developers although, in these times, we all use according to what information from these tools, bloggers themselves! to visualize the performance of our blogs, for example.

Pendule: it would be like the web developer extension for firefox.

Eye Dropper: to know the colors used by the web or blog that we are visiting.