Some options to create your own social network

Some options to create your own social network

If we are thinking of start a social network To form a community of users who can interact with each other, we must first find a good tool to help us in this work, since that way everything will be, at least, faster and more practical. Wwwhatsnew today we share some options for create your social network.


Alternative built in PHP / MySQL that offers the user the possibility of creating their social network with a great variety of plugins, which are intended to enhance the functioning of the social community that we are going to form.


Also built in PHP / MySQL, this service places a lot of emphasis on multimedia content, allowing, among other things, inserting videos on the covers, as well as facilitating the transmission via streaming. In addition, on its website we can find some demos to test the application before making decisions.

Anahita Social Engine

It is an extension for Joomla that offers an interesting system to manage profiles and messaging. In addition, its OpenID support and integration with Amazon Cloud Storage make it more functional in terms of data management.

Community Engine

CommunityEngine is a free and open source plugin for Ruby on Rails applications that, after being applied, add various basic options for the operation of any social network (upload photos, assign labels, private messages, create users with authentication, etc.).

Lovd By Less

Another application developed in Ruby on Rails that, unlike the rest, combines different characteristics of the most popular social networks so that we can develop an original and innovative one. One of the things I like the most about Lovd By Less is that users can follow each other, and only if they follow each other will they become friends.


In this case, the tool is presented as a set of plugins for WordPress that aim to modify our blog to turn it into a social network, adding a series of functionalities so that the administrator can manage the data and configure the preferences.


It is one of the simplest options through which, with some ideas, we can ensure that users can interact with each other by exchanging all kinds of material and information. One of its disadvantages is the design it offers, since it is not very striking, however it offers everything we need to customize it. Goes: webresourcesdepot