Some places to redecorate our lives

Change style, change colors, move; For whatever reason, many times we must or want to redecorate or change the design of our home.

Let’s see some options that can help us:

3Decorator: is an online program that helps us in this task of imagining, viewing, how our house will be with the changes we want. We can customize the floors, the walls.

Despite not being in English or Spanish, it is not difficult to navigate within the same application, choosing furniture, moving them to our choice and seeing the final result of our design to get an approximate idea of ‚Äč‚Äčhow our house would be, reform, new decoration .

Mydeco.com: it is another online application to design our house; Be it the children’s rooms, the master bedroom, the living room, the kitchen, etc., with Mydeco, after indicating where the doors and windows are in a room of similar dimensions, we will place the furniture to our liking for a real vision of how the chosen stay will be.

The Environment Simulator: it is the perfect application to choose the color of the walls of any room in the house, in the bedroom, we can choose the bedding, the floor, the pillows; in the kitchen the interior walls, ceilings, windows. Dining room, study, living room are other rooms that we can decorate.

The simulator will help us choose and hit the color range.