Some resources to learn about Earth Day

Some resources to learn about Earth Day

As you know, today is Earth Day and that is why we are going to give you a small article with which you can inform yourself about this event, as well as learn new concepts about this special day. For this we will use some resources that the guys from Free4teachers have published.


We started this short article commenting on this portal which has published about twenty documentaries about this day, very useful to learn about new concepts.

Teach Green

As an educational resource, we also find Teach Green, a simple portal for teachers which allows them to prepare their lessons on this.

National Geographic

And since this article cannot be missing, National Geographic delights us with a new site where photos, news and videos are published to learn all the details about Earth Day.

Google Earth

Google also did not want to miss this event and they provide us with a simple portal where we can see from videos to tours of Google Earth to see how climate change has affected these recent years.

Breathing Earth

On the other hand, in fifth place we find Breathing Earth a portal that offers us an interactive map that shows CO2 emissions, birth rates and death rates worldwide and by country.

And finally, an educational program designed to teach students about energy consumption, energy sources, and the energy industry in general. If you know any resources about Earth Day, you can comment on it in the comments this way you will help other users to know more about this event.