Some tools for videoconferencing on the web

Some tools for videoconferencing on the web

Previously we had commented on a list with some options that allow us to carry out videoconferences, however this compilation is already a bit out of date and we have started to make another one with some new and not so new but that still continue to work.

Ubiqq generates a url address that, after being opened by the person you want to talk to, will create a video chat session in which the two protagonists can be seen at the same time.

Without registration we just have to create a room and disclose its link to the person with whom we want to communicate.


It allows to establish videoconference conversations with chat with people from anywhere in the world, being able to choose people close to us, for which we must indicate our geolocation, or we can move through the map, based on Google Maps, and choose anyone who is available from anywhere in the world.


Another of the excellent alternatives for videoconferencing, it only requires logging in through Facebook and starting the conference or if we wish we can schedule it for another so we can notify our friends.


Another videoconferencing room service, in which in this case we will not depend on Facebook to identify ourselves, we will create our own user account as well as our own friends must do it to participate, but as a drawback, in each talk there can be up to three interlocutors.


Excellent service for video conferencing that works under a java applet and allows us to communicate remotely with a maximum of 3 users.


To establish conversations with other users around the topics we have in common, using chat, audio or video. For this, we can search for the topics already covered and join or request to open a new topic.


It allows you to videoconference with up to five people without having to install anything on your computer.


Application integrated into Facebook that allows us to start a video conference with any user.


It allows you to video conference with other people while sharing a whiteboard, a chat and a file transfer channel.

Your opinion

In WWWhatsnew we know that your opinion counts a lot, so if you have found any application related to those previously mentioned, please kindly comment and describe us briefly in the comments, in this way you will help hundreds of users to make more professional and secure videoconferences.