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Songlio, a free game to guess songs

Guessing songs is one of the most entertaining activities when we are with family or friends, and now there is a website that can help us facilitate the subject.

This is Songlio, a song guessing game that does not need account creation or identification via social networks, we just have to choose the category (from Disney music to songs from the 80s) and start playing.

Its makers created the first version of Songlio in one day, and it began to spread organically and quickly without any paid marketing. Since October, more than 4,000 players have played more than 1,500 games in 48 different countries. Now the project is mature enough to spread widely, and they have a solo play feature, so there is no need to have a group of friends.

You just have to access and decide what type of game we have. The song will start playing, and we will have to say the title as quickly as possible. As soon as we start we will have hyphens instead of letters, and as time passes the first letter of each word will be deciphered, as a clue. If time continues to pass and we have not guessed, it will show the image of the disk where the song came from.

There are three steps:

1. We choose one of more than 50 preset quizzes (eg Disney songs) 2. We listen to a short 20 second clip of each song3. As soon as we know the song, we write the name of it. If we do it faster, we will earn more points.

The player with the most points at the end wins.

In the left menu we have the scores of the main users, and at the end of the game we are invited to create a multiplayer game, with a link so that we can disseminate it among our community so we can see who is the fastest among the group of friends at the time to guess the title of what it sounds like.

In this video you have a game presentation.

They present it as the ideal game to liven up Zoom’s social calls and for music fans and artists.

Songlio was created by the team behind Encore, the UK music booking platform for weddings, parties or other events.