Imagen: Sony/ZMP

Sony creates a drone company and will use the sensors they manufacture for mobile phones

New in the drone world, and this time with Sony as the protagonist.

Image: Sony / ZMP

Today the company announces its intention to enter the drone business, partnering with the Japanese ZMP to offer surveillance services to businesses that hire it, something that will be available from 2016.

ZMP will offer the experience and technology in this type of device, while Sony will take care of the part related to image capture and data transmission, always focusing on the business world (devices will not be sold to anyone).

Hiroki Totoki, director of Sony's mobile sector, told The Wall Street Journal that one of the goals is to increase his area of ​​action, and it is clear that drones are part of the future.

They will thus take advantage of the sensors that they have been building for their mobile phones and that are used by other companies, thus competing with other companies on the market such as Lockheed Martin or DJI.

We will wait impatiently for the result of mixing Sony's mobile technology with the infinite possibilities of drones. The name of the new company created is Aerosense, we will keep it well in mind to count the news.