Editar eventos en Gmail

Soon it will be possible to edit Calendar events directly in Gmail and Docs

It seems that Google has proposed to reduce as much as possible the need to switch between tabs or applications within the same workflow, bringing a higher level of efficiency to users in their daily tasks.

In this regard, from now on and over the next few days, Google is introducing a change to Gmail in its web version so that users can edit existing events directly, without having to exit Gmail to a new tab with the Google Calendar website, as it happens so far.

And it is that to date, the Google Calendar widget, available in the quick access side panel of Gmail, has only been allowing the existing events to be viewed through the Day and Agenda views, and can only carry out the deletion of specific events.

The option to modify an event leads users to open a new tab in the browser with the Google Calendar web ready for the modification of the event in question.

Once this change is available, users may already be able to change dates, times, add guests, or even search for suitable dates based on the availability of the guests through the date searches function, among other possibilities, in your existing events without leaving Gmail.

The same is the case with Docs, as this change is also being deployed to the Google Calendar widget in the quick access side panel of this application, so in addition to editing documents, users will also be able to make modifications to their existing events directly .

This news should not surprise us, and more so when in recent weeks the integration of Google Meet in Gmail arrived, and soon, subscribers to Google Voice should see the integration of this service within Gmail as well.

Image Credit: Google