Spare Rooms - Rent apartments or houses in Argentina

Spare Rooms – Rent apartments or houses in Argentina

Spare Rooms is a small application that allows any individual to rent apartments or houses for a period of time.

The only limitation of this service is that you can only rent houses and apartments in Argentina, however it is a good alternative for people who leave their countries for a short period of time and want a small and cheap accommodation.

Would you like to meet people from other cultures and share something of our reality in a profitable opportunity? Do you have a room available in your house or apartment?

To use SpareRooms we must access the portal and go to the right side of the portal, where we will find a search engine in which we will have to indicate the day of departure, the day of arrival and the town where we want to search for an apartment.

Once the previous step is done, we can see all the results that the service offers us, if we find the desired apartment, we can enter its description through the Details link.

Once inside the description, we will be able to see from the monthly rental price to all the services that it has incorporated (Wi-Fi, TV, heating, etc.), in addition to a short summary and an image.

If we want to hire the apartment, we must go to the lower part of the portal where a small form will appear that we will complete with our personal data, finally we will have to wait for the owner to call us or send us an email to clarify other aspects.

In short, it is a good application to rent apartments or houses at a fairly affordable price for a certain time, ideal for people who are going to leave their country for a while.