Spotery - new social bookmark, inspired by Twitter

Spotery – new social bookmark, inspired by Twitter

Spotery is a social bookmark, whose some features are inspired by the way Twitter works, which allows users to save and share those articles that we find interesting, in addition to videos and tweets. We will share these contents only through their own links that we will introduce in the field enabled for it on the main page, being the only one going to share contents, which will be framed in one of the ten available categories. In this case, a common element is missing in this type of service, the bookmarklet.

In addition, one of the ways we have to follow the publications of others is by following them, as in Twitter, where each user can be a follower of others and followed by others independently. The contents of the users we follow can be accessed through the My Feed option of our personal profile. In addition, whatever way we have to access the content of users, we can highlight it, the equivalent of retweeting on Twitter, also appearing within our stories.

And also, each content can be commented on by other users. The existence of a list of more current topic tags, the existence in a livestream of the content shared by users in real time, the availability of RSS channels for each category or highlighting the most relevant content, both by users on the one hand and by publishers on the other, for each category, make up this social platform, which also supports connections to the Twitter and Facebook platforms.

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