Spotify already has its own channel on IFTTT

Imagine being able to have the background image on your mobile (Android) with the cover of the last album added to the playlist of our Spotify account or that the dominant colors of it make turn on the Philips Hue light bulbs in the same colors, among other possibilities?

Yes, these and other possibilities can already be put into practice through the different recipes that users can create and / or access in IFTTT thanks to the launch of the Spotify channel in this service.

From the Spotify channel itself on IFTTT we are told that it works properly with the channels of the services of Twitter, Google Drive, Evernote, Facebook, and SoundCloud, although that does not mean that users can experiment creating new recipes to work with other services. In this sense, the same channel offers us two triggers and two actions that we can use to automate tasks by combining Spotify with other channels through the different recipes that we can create.

Obviously, we already have recipes officially created with others created by other users, having a great variety of them that we can use depending on what we can think of. It should be noted that the launch of the Spotify channel on IFTTT occurs several days after the launch of the Deezer channel on this same service. Undoubtedly, with Spotify in IFTTT you can get a lot of play out, and not only color play to reproduce through Philips Hue bulbs, making our Spotify experience even more interactive, and of course, also immersive.