Spotify will offer a personalized playlist every Monday with up to two hours of music

Spotify has set out to continue helping users discover new topics that may be interesting to them. In this sense, the music streaming company advances the launch of Discover Weekly, a new feature that every Monday will bring a new personalized playlist to each user based on their listening habits, with an approximate duration of up to two hours. The new feature will appear at the top of the playlists section, both via the web and via mobile applications.

As with other playlists, users will also have the ability to share these personalized playlists with their contacts, which together will enable them to discover new music tracks available within Spotify's theme catalog. At the moment, the exact date when the new feature will be available is unknown, although it probably won't take long to appear.

Discover Weekly is the last step taken to date to try to differentiate itself from the other music streaming services, considering that Spotify is not only in this segment, that competition has intensified in recent months, especially , with the entry of Apple Music as a new competitor.

Now all you have to do is give it the necessary time so that sooner or later Spotify will deliver a new list each Monday according to the interests of each user in a personalized way, although for this, the algorithm will have to follow the listening habits to have a greater success with the preferences of each user.