Spreaker - New version, to broadcast your broadcast live

Spreaker – New version, to broadcast your broadcast live

Since spreaker.com tell me the news of this live broadcast service of udio.

On the one hand we have a new home page that allows us to listen to live programs or the most outstanding ones without having to register.

In this section, thanks to the work of the editorial team, you will be able to listen to programs in Italian, Spanish, English and Portuguese, selected by our editorial team for different categories (all music, comedy, entertainment, etc);

A new library which has been enriched with indipendent music and creative commons. The philosophy is to give emerging artists and independent artists the possibility of having a unique stage for free to perform.

Users thus become discoverers of new sounds and new artists, true talent scouts! The personal library continues to exist and with it the possibility of loading in a space offered by Spreaker all the music you prefer, the news of the moment as well as the songs of the past;

They also have an application for iPhone, iPod and iPad from where we can listen to our favorite podcasts. In a few months they will also allow broadcasting from these devices.

And in addition to the also new Premium service, which, among other things, entitles you to 3 hours of registration for each episode, there is a totally new section on the platform where they are creating thematic radio stations in collaboration with different record labels.

The first radio channel that we have launched is called MEI and it is a radio totally dedicated to music news, emerging artists, and independent music. Product resulting from the marriage between Spreake and Audiocoop, the coordinating office of Italian independent labels. Just a few days ago after an agreement with Sony, we have launched another radio channel dedicated to Neri per Caso, a group of famous Italian artists with whom we have exclusively launched a radio on our platform.

As you can see, a good product that evolves by listening to the suggestions of its users.