Project Loon

Sri Lanka to offer Internet connection across the country thanks to Project Loon

We have previously talked about Project Loon, the Google project with which the company aims to offer Internet connection in remote places through its huge hot air balloons. Recently, Sri Lanka has announced that it will become the first country to offer Internet access throughout its territory thanks to Project Loon.

Apparently, the idea is that Google collaborate with the different Internet operators in the country with the aim of allowing them to use their hot air balloons to improve their service and coverage. Thanks to this interesting movement, Sri Lanka will be able to offer Internet connection at more affordable prices to all citizens of the countryregardless of where they reside. This is undoubtedly excellent news for all citizens of Sri Lanka, where the vast majority do not yet enjoy the possibilities of the Internet. Despite the fact that Project Loon has not yet left the Google X lab, Sri Lanka's decision is a real boost for the project. The search engine giant expects its balloons to be fully operational during the month of March next year.

We take this opportunity to remember that Project Loon was presented by Google during the past year 2013. In addition, a few months ago we showed you the patent that describes the operation of these balloons.

Source: Sri Lanka | Yahoo.