Stencyl - Create games "drag and drop"

Stencyl – Create games “drag and drop”

For Windows and Mac OS there is an application called Stencyl that introduces the well-known Drag & Drop (drag and drop) system, in the process of creating games, that which can sometimes seem extremely complicated or cumbersome from the outside, but that using applications like this one, can even be fun. As surely understood, with Stencyl we can design our own PC video games simply by dragging and dropping items. This applies both when creating scenarios and when giving the shape and final finishes to the presentation of our project. Of course, in addition to being able to determine the graphic aspect of the game, it will be possible to determine the actions and scenes to be performed. stencyl performance It is quite simple and innovative, this does not mean that creating a somewhat advanced game is not complex. In fact, prior to starting with the creation of a new game, it is recommended to go through the different tutorials available, as well as to dedicate a few hours of practice to understand more precisely the operation and behavior of the program options. However, after gaining experience, you can get really satisfying results in record times. Stencyl | Go freetech4teachers