StrangerBot, bot for random access with any other Telegram contact

At the end of last June, we already informed you that Telegram (Messenger) would be creating its platform for the development of messenger bots, which would allow aspects such as the selection of images from a sequence of them or playing trivial, among other possibilities, even the use of third-party services and devices, being the bet on messaging bots one more way that Telegram has chosen to differentiate itself with respect to many of the existing mobile messaging options.

In this sense, taking advantage of the aforementioned platform, we find StrangerBot, a bot for Telegram that will facilitate any user to contact another person from anywhere in the world in a completely random way. The author's philosophy is that he return, in a way, to the origins of messaging services such as AOL chat rooms, among others, where users randomly contacted other contacts, taking into account that in Today, many of the users of social networking services often come in contact only with those other users that they already know in advance and are part of their contact lists.

In this way, those users who want to venture out and come into contact with unknown people from anywhere in the world, StrangerBot allow them precisely this possibility, of course, that you must first be a Telegram user and then invoke StrangerBot to select any user. random. In case of those who are not satisfied with the users they have randomly contacted, a simple / bye exits the function of the bot itself.