stuck on Earth

Stuck on Earth helps us find the best photo spots in the world

We introduced it two years ago as an iPad application that allows its user community to share photos and geographical locations to help other members discover corners anywhere in the world. Time has passed and Stuck on Earth ( has evolved a lot, both with an application for Android and with its version for Mac.

The goal is to discover the best places to visit in any city. An intelligent algorithm chooses the best locations and photos reported by the community, all in a map-based interface that allows us to go anywhere in search of the best corners.

They include a list of the best of their network, for those who are not very clear where to travel but do know that the camera will never get out of hand. It is possible to create trips, establish future plans and save them in the form of goals, all of them available offline, so that we can consult the details while we travel the lost roads in the middle of the desert.

The application personalizes the content based on our profile, showing different results if we register as a photographer, explorer or dreamer.

An application where aesthetics is a great protagonist, since they have taken care of the design to the maximum, integrating with flickr to obtain photos of those that remove the hiccups.