Supersaber - for children to have fun and learn by studying

Supersaber – for children to have fun and learn by studying is an educational site developed to support Early Childhood and Primary Education children in their studies and school activities inside and outside the classroom.

The contents have been defined for the age group that comprises the childhood and pre-adolescence (4-12 years). Designed and reviewed by teachers and implemented and programmed by a team of designers and multimedia technicians.

The illustrations, made by graphic designers specialized in children’s drawings, are very striking and, together with the sound that accompany them, remind us of the Crazy Cars cartoons.

The technical premises for the use of have been defined to facilitate access to information even from computers and computer networks with limited configurations. The only essential requirement is internet access.

In addition to educational games, the web offers a Image bank for the completion of school work, recommended books and the possibility of on-line consultations Professor Tic, a kind of technological Albert Einstein.

On the other hand, you can also access an exclusive area for members, where current news of a fun nature and interesting contests and promotions are collected.