Sympler, music, video and image mixes on iOS

We discovered an easy application to make mixes and montages with video, music and images that understands what is the midpoint between a too basic montage application and a too complex application for those who intend to create simple montages: with it we will be able to create Music clips composed of short videos and photographs, with the song we select playing in the background and with good results.

Its name is Sympler, and at first it will guide us through a tutorial that will teach us the basic functions with which we can play in the app. Basically we can follow a few simple steps to compose our final video, starting by selecting the track that plays in the background and continuing by configuring what will be the visual part, made up of our own videos or images stored in the Camera Roll.

Another point in favor is that it does not require registration, and a point against is that we can only create montages of up to 20 seconds long. Given the short duration of the videos, we will have to select the desired frames of each multimedia piece that we want to include. The final piece will be saved in our gallery as one more video, and we can also share it on Twitter, Facebook or by mail.

Free and useful option whenever we want to create short videos but with a quality result. You can download the application for iOS devices at this link to iTunes.