Synnk - Create an event simply by sending an email

Synnk – Create an event simply by sending an email

We are practically at the weekend, a time of leisure where we can carry out various activities, and in which e-mail can take on a leading role in organizing these activities. Synnk is one more application to create and manage our own events, but it does it in a very different way.

Right from the start, no user registration required by anyone, simply we have to send an email to Synnk, to [email protected], where the subject of the event is the name of the event and what we will incorporate in the body of the email is the description, being able to use the Where and When commands, a line for each option for these commands, where we will allow our guests to select both the place as the date of the proposals once the event page is created.

In any case, we will receive an email message with links that will allow us to identify ourselves as the creators of the event, allowing us to edit it, among other options, modify the options of places and dates, and also, the sending of invitations.

On the event page, we can see who has confirmed their attendance, as well as the place and date preferred by the confirmed attendees, in addition to being able to establish discussions between them.