Tadagraph - collaborative environment for microblogging-style workgroups

Tadagraph – collaborative environment for microblogging-style workgroups

So far, most of the tools that we have discussed to manage projects collaboratively between different members, work more or less the same. For those who are used to communication tools such as Twitter or Yammer, Tadagraph offers them a somewhat different way of managing projects. Only they have to know the syntax of handling this service, similar to Twitter, to carry out all the steps to follow to complete the different projects that they have in hand, simply through a text field. Through this text field, you can start topics, add tags, link tasks, lists of ideas and notes, and can attach files and even set dates for each of the projects they have created, known in this service also as spaces. . It also allows the organization of different team members through email invitations, and the introduction of different locations from a productive point of view. It should only be noted that it is not difficult to use, but that being a way to manage projects in a different way, you will have to have some practice to be fluent.