tagplay, to update the content of our website using social networks

Many people do not know how to use WordPress, Wix, Joomla and other existing CMS on the market, but almost everyone knows how to use Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.

The objective of tagplay is to allow the updating of the content of our websites to be carried out through social networks, and for this they have built a system for constructing feeds similar to the recipes we make with IFTTT.

The idea is that we can configure phrases like:

(…) When @fulano or @mengano write something with the tag #loquesea in the social network XX, I send it to my interesting feed

In this way we can have several feeds, several channels that are fed with content from our Facebook profile, from the pages, from the instagram account, from Twitter … we can have as many feeds as we want, but it is only free if we use a single channel .

When we have configured the system, we can copy and paste the code that represents it, something easy to do in any CMS (WordPress, tumblr, Blogger, Drupal, HTML + JS, Weebly, Squarespace and a long etcetera). Content can be easily managed from your control panel, making it easy to know what is being shown on our website at all times.

Of course, the solution is not perfect, it can never be compared to the flexibility that each CMS offers in controlling its content, but it does offer a resource that helps to keep a part of our website always up to date.