tecnotransporter - Reports loads to send and receives offers from carriers

tecnotransporter – Reports loads to send and receives offers from carriers

lvaro Remesal, from Adelanza, informs me about a new service that was launched a month ago to put carriers and customers in contact looking to optimize the space of their trucks.

The idea behind tecnotransporter.com is simple. If a truck leaves Seville for Paris with 25% of the full load, it can take advantage of the trip to take material from other clients, making service cheaper and allowing tremendous savings in time and fuel.

Customers can easily enter loads to ship, and receive offers from carriers. Whether they are complete or partial trucks, it is very likely that the route of that shipment is already being made by several carriers in the coming days, which can compete with each other to offer the best price, getting the customer discounts of up to 50% on the usual price.

Carriers in turn benefit from being able to take advantage of all their trips to complete loads, or to take advantage of an empty return getting extra benefits every time they move their vehicle. By adding transports to your already defined route, you add the benefits of TecnoTransporter as a whole, since they are an addition to your already contracted trip.

The use of the platform is completely free for both customers and carriers.

When a customer accepts an offer, he pays a guarantee amount for the carrier. At that time, the customer is contacted with the carrier, so that they can specify the rest of the shipment by means external to TecnoTransporter (telephone, email, fax, in person …). The signal paid by the client is discounted from the price offered by the carrier, as a commission to TecnoTransporter.

A good way to plan our moves taking advantage of the social power of the web.