Teeach, new platform for managing schools and training centers

There are many LMS on the market, platforms that help integrate knowledge between students, parents and teachers over the Internet, avoiding paper and speeding up the information distribution process. The problem is that most of these systems are complex, difficult to use and to install, which is why a group of Spanish students has decided to create, with open source tools,

It is a project that is now launching its first version (pre-alpha), now available to download from its main page. They are committed to an elegant design and advanced functionalities that can be simple to use, as well as an installation process that does not require extensive computer skills. The final version will be available in 2016, but in your video (below) we can already see some of the prepared functions (user management, subject material, communication, etc.).

It starts already available in several languages: Spanish, English, German, French and Catalan, and they launch it with open code so that it can be altered and adapted to specific needs.

On the github page it is already possible to browse the code within, and on YouTube we can see the trailer that we leave you here: