Teleclip - children's television in Spain and America

Teleclip – children’s television in Spain and America

Teleclip TV is a research project led by Loreto Corredoira, a professor at the Complutense University of Madrid, who is associated with various technological and educational partners, such as the University of A Corua, and is present in Spain, Latin America and the US.

The channel claims bring young people closer to the world of journalism and audiovisual communication through television workshops, awards, thematic channels where young people can post their videos and an interactive generations forum.

Teleclip TV’s group of editors is made up of more than 200 children of various nationalities, who with the support of their parents and teachers, have participated in writing and video workshops since July 2008, sending their clips or scripts.

In the section How to be a copywriter Journalist apprentices are explained the stages to make a video, upload it, taking into account details such as copyright on music, parental authorizations, etc.

The website has specific sections for teachers, where they are explained what the project is about, how they can contribute and even train to implement it in their classrooms or schools.

Parents also have information about the filter that their children’s videos will pass before being published, as well as the process by which they must authorize the image rights of young editors.

It is a very innovative project, made by children and for children that surprises both for the quality and originality of its presentations, and for the eloquence of its presenters.