Tesla’s Cybertruck will be able to power homes and motorhomes

Tesla’s Cybertruck was one of the protagonists of the motor world in 2020, a car with a completely different design that, apparently, will be able to do much more than take people from one place to another.

Elon Musk has responded to a question on Twitter from a follower who asked him if he could connect his small house to a Cybertruck to feed it, the answer has been yes.

It is not the first time that we have seen an electric car powering a house, in Texas that was done during the winter storm of 2021 that caused so many blackouts. And in 2019, a guy ordered a Cybertruck to use its electricity to power his house and said the vehicle could power a house for more than 200 days.

The thing is, a Tesla battery is not a normal battery, and the official confirmation is good news for those looking to live off-grid with some conveniences.

During its official unveiling at the end of 2019, Musk noted that the car has a towing capacity of 6,350 kg, has power on board and is highly adaptable, so it is not surprising that it manages to power a caravan.

The Cybertruck will begin production later this year, but with a number of automotive production delays, this date is likely to be pushed back to 2022.