Fuente: mashable.com

Testing continues on Twitter, and increasingly resembles Facebook

Content cards on Twitter changed the way we consult this social network. The minimalist 140-character mode with the url on duty began to transform with the preview of the content in the form of cards, and it seems that now they are still testing the system so that, unfortunately, it is more like Facebook.

It is true that the Facebook format responds to years of study, to many variables analyzed within that user interaction, but it is also true that the typical Twitter user is very different from Facebook, so it is strange that they are being taken decisions based on the layout that so many already know.

The result of the tests that they are doing among a limited group of users can be seen in this publication of mashable, where you can see that the thumbnail and the content of the disclosed link is quite similar to what we have on the social network:

Source: mashable.com

As you can see, the image loses emphasis, the thumbnail is smaller, and the summary of the text appears on its side, not below, as it is done now.

Affecting this new way of viewing content to the number of clicks received by the publications ?, is it an experiment that will not go into production for everyone ?, Is Twitter losing its own identity ?. From the movement the company is having (both in terms of decisions and internal policies), it is clear that 2015 and 2016 will be key years for this project.