Share your Netflix account without giving the password

The 7 best hidden Netflix tricks for Windows

Share your Netflix account without giving the password

We show you the best Netflix tricks for Windows 10.

The Netflix application for Windows 10 has many tricks, although on the other hand it also has many gaps. However, little by little they are adding more and more functions.

Change the appearance of subtitles

Netflix is ​​not one of those programs that adapts subtitles to the type of image that is being displayed. There are some that, for example, if the background is white, the subtitles are black (to make contrast) and vice versa. In this case if the letters match the color that is being shown we will have nothing but annoy. This is, of course, in case we have not modified the appearance of these.

We can change its color, put a background, a window, add shading change the font type or change the size. The (only) downside is that we cannot do it from the application itself, but we will have to go to the web version.


To enter until the adjustment we will have to enter our account options. We open the menu in the upper right corner and therefore click on Your account. Once inside, we doscroll until the end and we look for the link that says Aspect of the subtitles. From there we can make any aforementioned modifications or restore the factory settings.

Download to watch offline

Regular users who move frequently by ferry or train that last more than 10 hours appreciate this option very much. We can do it from the end of November of last year for some clients (for example for Android), but for Windows 10 computers it didn’t come until early April.


The operation is very simple: we choose the title (they can be serial chapters or movies) and if it is available to download a red button will appear with an icon that encourages downloading. There is a category in the side menu from which we can see which series / movies are compatible with this option.

And is that not all content is suitable. The Netflix original, for example, I know it is. But the one that is not exclusive might not be (it varies according to the demands of the original producer).


But offline viewing can not only be useful for travel, but we can also use it even while at home to avoid bottlenecks and see the content without cuts (it is possible that many people connect to our network and it becomes saturated). Lastly, it is also very useful when we do not have the Internet at home, since we can access the public network of our university, for example, download what we want, and see it at home.

We can configure the folder where the downloaded files are storedAs well as we can erase everything we have with a single click to free up space.

External subtitles

We don’t always have subtitles in all languages. In English they are always there, but in Spanish, for example, sometimes it is difficult to find them. That is why we can load subtitles from an external source.


That is why a third party (not Netflix) has developed an application from which we can load subtitle packages. We just have to search them on the Internet (there are many portals dedicated to it) and use the mentioned program.

Voice commands

It doesn’t work on all passes, unfortunately, but we can try. We can try telling Cortana Netflix, play (title name).



A few versions ago, notifications of new titles arrived. The only downside is that we should consult them, because they are not notifications push(maybe they should put the option of notifications push to make the function really interesting).

Use the PC on one screen and Netflix on another

Bypassing Chromecast, which apparently is not available in the Windows 10 version, Extending the screen is the best option to play the application content on a TV. We will do it using an HDMI cable: once it is connected we can open the right side menu of W10 and click on the icon that says Project. Then we will have to choose the Expand option.

Surround sound

If we have speakers compatible with Surround 7.1 we can enjoy this magnificent audio quality. It is also known as surround sound. It is not really an option, since we cannot activate / deactivate itIt comes standard on compatible equipment.