The 9 best plugins and add-ons for Outlook

The 9 best plugins and add-ons for Outlook

The 9 best plugins and add-ons for Outlook

Review of the best extensions and plugins Outlook and the installation process.

Outlook, both in its web version and in its native version for computer, allows the installation of accessoriesor addons to increase productivity or in general to increase the number of functions of the application.

How to install an extension or plugin in Outlook

To install an extension it is best to do it from the web version of the Windows store, although it can also be done from the native version. Once we have selected theplugin that we want to install, we simply log in and go. We don’t even need to install anything, and of course, the extension will be wherever we go.

How to uninstall an extension or plugin in Outlook

Not all extensions can be uninstalled, but they can be disabled. The officers are obviously from this group. On the other hand, all that we install can be deactivated whenever we want. To do it from the Outlook website we select on the gear that is in one of the corners.


When the menu opens, we enter Options. A new page will open with a menu on the left. If it is closed, we will have to open the section general, which is what interests us. Once it is open, we enter Manage add-ons and we can modify anything.

Send money by PayPal

In 2000 PayPal provided us with a button with which we can claim payments from our contacts. It’s what was once called the Payment Request Assistant in Outlook. To this day it is still possible to use, but the truth is that if you use PP usually, you will completely fall in love with this plugin.

When we go to send or reply to a message we will have the option to send money by PayPal. In the case of the web version, the button is in the lower right corner, while in the native version it is in the upper menu. If we open it, we will have access to a small window from where we can send the money we want to the other person. A pop-up window will open and we will have to log in.


Most likely, thisplugin We already have it installed, but we still have to configure it. What we can do with this other is send Evernote notes. Although they are not public, if someone enters from the provided link they will be able to see the content. However, you cannot edit it. Be very careful about what you share as the content is no longer private to be public (if the other person passes the link or if someone intercepts it, they may distribute it).

Send locations


Exactly almost the same as on WhatsApp: locations can also be sent in OutlookWho told you no? The only thing that we can not take and indicate on the map to Outlook where we want to point. What we have to do to make this work plugin is to send an address but in writing. In that case Outlook will detect it and activate the plugin. This function comes with our mail manager. It can be disabled, but not uninstalled.



Wunderlist is an application with which we can convert emails into tasks, in true Inbox by Gmail style.


The spam and malicious emails are very dangerous. Not only can viruses download us and therefore infect our computer, but they also have the ability to steal our data (through phishing or by keyloger).


This plugin allows us preview the content of an email before it is downloaded to our PC, in addition to allowing us to configure it so that all malicious emails are removed before having a copy locally.


No one said that life was all productivity, right? With this well-known application you can accompany each email with a different GIF. If you are one of those who uses GIFs a lot on Twitter or Facebook, you will love this extension. You can consult the gallery of animated images and search throughtags.



Have you never received an email in Chinese or in a language you do not understand? With EmailTranslator you can translate emails from almost any language. The only problem is that we need to know what language it is written in to be able to translate it.


It has no further explanation. Simply allows us to add a panel from where we can choose an emoji and send along with the text. They are divided into categories and we can select the skin color of each one that we send.

Cancel subscription

This specific extension is already configured and ready to use, but it is necessary to name it since we received tons ofspam daily. Chances are you’ve never even seen it, but if you look closely it’s there in every email that comes your way.


What it does is it provides us with a button from which We can unsubscribe from any list to which we are subscribed. The plugin send to the email that is behind a standard message informing that we want to leave the list we are on, and in the meantime, if any email reaches us, it will go to the spam.