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The bad and understandable financial results of Microsoft in the last quarter

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The strengthening of the dollar, the losses assumed by the investment in the purchase of Nokia's mobile division and, in general, the restructuring process in which the company has embarked to become as relevant as in the last century are some of the most important reasons that explain the poor financial results obtained in its last quarter (Q4 of its fiscal year 2015).

Microsoft's worldwide presence and a strong dollar meant significant losses to the company in terms of operating profit. For its part, and as expected after the recent news reports that involved the dismissal of almost 8,000 workers from the Devices & Services From Nokia, the acquisition of such a unit did not bear the expected results in terms of production of mobile hardware and the consequences appear in the Q4.

Finally, the restructuring of the company, with millionaire investments and liquidations to dedicate itself more to the provision of cloud services, a notorious desire even in everything related to Windows 10 to be launched, complement the details of the biggest damages.

Of course, not everything is bad and this last objective already gives its first fruits because the benefits of its services cloud computing For the business sector they increased, Office 365 added around 3 million subscribers in the quarter (they are already 15.2 million in total), revenue from Bing Ads grew by 21% compared to last year and sales of Xbox consoles along with transactions on your Xbox Live platform remain fortified.

In short, the Microsoft Investors website can thoroughly review the figures and conclusions of the last period closed on June 30.