The best articles on Social Media Management

Posted on June 2, 2011

After more than five years writing and more than two dedicating ourselves to inform and comment on the evolution of social networks and the ways we have to use them for our professional purposes, we have compiled and organized the best articles written here, at wwwhatsnew.com. for community managers to opinions on how this new reality is affecting our personal, academic and professional lives. Here is the list:

For Community Managers

–What is, and what is not, a Community Manager – Job profile for a Community Manager in 2011 – What a Community Manager should NEVER do in a social network – Social Media and the professions of the future – Some tips to maintain a professional account on Twitter – Statistics at the service of Community Managers and content – Customer Service on Social Networks

Social Networks as a Marketing Tool

–How to create Marketing Campaigns on Twitter and Facebook – On Marketing in social networks – Marketing in Social Media [Infografa]–Marketing and Communication in social networks – How to create an online contest in social networks – 140 tips on Twitter for Marketing professionals.– Facebook in Marketing: Showcase or Counter– How to use Twitter search to do business

About the concept of Social Network

–Differences between social network (Facebook) and content network (Twitter) –Netiqutate To know how to behave on social networks– How to explain what Twitter is to someone who has not heard of the topic– Impact of the social Web on agencies Media– Brands Abandon Twitter for Not Understanding How It Works– Educating Children for the Social Web

About content monitoring

–100 tools to manage Social Media information – Google Analytics Guide: Personalized reports, traffic and marketing– Analysis of a website in real time, importance and tools We will continue to update the list with the most relevant articles, remembering that it is you, with your tweets, likes and Google +1 who define the quality of the content.